Greetings to all members, I feel so inadequate to serve as president of such an important fiber in our community. I want to thank all those that lead this excellent organization.  A few things that I want to highlight as we approach our meeting.

l. MEMBERSHIP. It is so important that you renew your membership for the year and your continued support of the society.

2. REBUILDING OF THE WALL AT HELM CEMETERY. Our society voted at the April meeting that we would support and fund raising to restore the wall. It is in very poor state. Please give this your earnest consideration; maybe drop a check to this project. The total cost will be around $3000.00.

3. ATTEND THE MEETINGS. Our attendance has been extremely slack in my first two meetings. I feel it is me! We have great programs, but would welcome your suggestion as to what type of program you desire. Contact Twylane Van Lahr at 270-765-2515 and let her know.

4. OUR BOOKS FOR SALE. Promote and encourage the use of our valuable resource.

We have been blessed with the generous and caring members and have contributed to the preserving of our heritage. This is important and we need not let down our efforts. As I said in the beginning, I feel that I do not measure up to the task as this is my first leadership role in the society, but with your help we will continue to do good things.

Kindest Regards, Michael L. Bell